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    Bebaak is a Pakistani drama television series produced by Moomal Shuanid under banner Moomal Entertainment. It features Yashma Gill in the lead role alongside Srha Asghar, Ali Ansari, Adnan Jaffar, Raeed Mohammed Alam and Faiq Khan in prominent roles. The series premiered on 8 December 2021 replacing Sila-e-Mohabbat. Bebaak revolves around Wafa, a poor university student who aspires to be rich and successful at any cost.


    Wafa gets a scholarship in the top university of the city and pretends to be a rich there by unfair means. Her father is gambler while her mother is a teacher who tries to meet both ends but she dremas to be a rich and does not care her mother’s struggle.

    Season 1.